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Our pigments are organic and designed for scalps. They are designed to settle quickly and to last longer. The pigments we use are sterile medical grade vegan friendly and contain no animal by-products. They are gamma – sterilised in the United Kingdom and have been fully tested.
Quite simply we use the best pigments available in anywhere in the world.

All hair colors, from fair to red to black, can be replicated using a quality gray dilute, because all hair appears somewhere on the grey spectrum when shaved. This enables us to accurately match to your hair and skin colour tones.

Our pigments are formulated for permanent procedures. Although the pigment will never change color, it fades slowly over time and will require top-ups every 3-5 years on average.

The SMP treatment is a much shallower depth than a regular tattoo so the pain is generally considerably less. Most clients describe it as slightly annoying, with some discomfort and a little prickly. Some areas can be more sensitive than others and everyone has a different pain threshold. Some clients have even been known to fall asleep during the SMP procedure. We have numbing gel that can be applied prior to the treatment and taking regular breaks ensures that any pain soon passes. Keeping your scalp healthy and moisturised prior to the treatment also helps.

After the treatment there is fading and a loss of some pigment which occurs during the healing process this is quite normal and the reasons we do multiple sessions. Long term fading predominately occurs with sun exposure as with any tattoo. Another factor is your immune system which tries to break down the pigment. With good skincare and a good sunblock fading can be minimalised. Do not use products that contain large amounts of alcohol like Rogaine or products that contain Retin-A or Alpha Hydroxy Acid as these can potentially fade the Scalp Micropigmentation pigment.

Shave or clipper your head every 1 to 3 days in order to keep you looking 100%. The Wahl Balding clipper is one of my favorites. Providing a quick easy solution it leaves the scalp with just a little more length of hair avoiding any shaving rash or close shave discomfort. Cleaning and moisturising your scalp daily helps to avoid exess oil build up. A matt sunblock and skin mattifier can help protect and reduce any shine. In our clinic we have some great skincare products available for you to purchase so please ask.

Scalp micropigmentation can potentially be life changing, helping to create more confidence and happiness which can enhance your relationships and improve your social and work life!

Yes we are partnered with Zip money and are pleased to be able to offer this service for a interest free period, as well as our standard payment plan during your treatment schedule.

In compliance with Covid-19 Health Safety and our Wellness Policy please review the following guidelines and policies which are implemented at SMP Noosa for maintaining everyone’s safety,
On arrival at SMP Noosa, you will be asked to sanitise your hands and to use sanitiser while at SMP Noosa to keep you and others safe. You will also be required to electronically sign in on our COVID-19 Register providing your name and contact details.
If any of the following apply we ask you to contact us to reschedule your booking:
Have you been exposed to anyone with COVID-19? Have you arrived from or been interstate or overseas in the last two weeks? Are you or anyone in your household unwell and do you have any respiratory symptoms i.e. a temperature/cold/flu/sinus/hay fever/a cough/sore throat/aches & pains/sniffles?
Should you arrive at SMP Noosa presenting with any of the above symptoms we won’t be able to proceed with your treatment and will need to reschedule for a later date.
Arrival at SMP Noosa
Only the client having their treatment can attend SMP Noosa. Extra people are not allowed to accompany you to SMP Noosa including reception area, lounge, or use bathrooms i.e. children, family or friends. This is for us to monitor numbers of people and social distancing for all staff.
Sanitation Procedures
You will be asked to sanitise your hands with hand sanitiser provided.
Sterilisation and high hygiene procedures were part of standard practice at SMP Noosa before COVID-19, however, we now have a dedicated checklist and procedures to sanitise communal areas. Staff will adhere to sanitation practices and take every precaution they will clean all door handles, taps, hand sanitiser pump tops, reception counters, bathrooms and the Eftpos terminals before and after every client using hospital grade sterilisation. Hygienic precautions along with social distancing will be practised where practical.
Extra Protection for You and Us
Staff will wear masks and gloves during treatments. We will also have a mask available for you to wear during the procedure. We take our standards and workplace practices seriously and want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are doing everything in our power to provide a safe environment for everyone.
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you at our beautiful clinic on the Sunshine Coast.
As one of Australia’s premium SMP providers we have implemented a lot of changes over the years to remain leaders in the industry and a trusted source of Scalp Micropigmentation knowledge. We have adapted to this current change and are now open.
Kind Regards,
Scalp Micropigmentation Noosa
SMP Noosa

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