After decades of research, it is still unknown what causes this condition in both men and women.  Without a complete understanding there is no way for a cure to be found and clients with the condition must always be mindful of dubious treatments that can prolong it or irritate the skin, which is naturally more sensitive.  Alopecia is either the total loss of hair on the scalp and/or the total loss of hair on the entire body.  It sometimes reverses but there is no way to determine how long the hair will be absent.  Scalp Micro Pigmentation for alopecia clients must be trusted to skilled and experienced artists.  There is equal parts tattoo and science in this work and understanding the structure and healing of delicate skin is integral to long term healed work in which the skin is protected throughout all sessions.  A hairline is pre-drawn to best complement the client’s features and bone structure.  Within it, over several sessions, meticulously applied hair follicles are tattooed.  At the end of the entire procedure, the result is that of a close buzz cut or shaved scalp, with the condition of alopecia being undetectable.

How can SMP Noosa Help you?

SMP Noosa offers a hair loss remedy system that has revolutionized the industry.  No more dubious claims or unsatisfactory results.  Scalp Micropigmentation has elevated the world of tattoo with an innovation that has given clients with hair loss, finally, a solution that is cost effective, long lasting, safe, non-invasive, and nonsurgical.  When you can dispense with daily maintenance and/or searching for ways to address thinning hair or baldness, and when you can stop having to fuss with your hair, with adding weaves or other hair pieces, you can get back to living your life.  Eliminate the use of unhealthy products that either claim to regrow your hair or that you use to conceal the thinness.  Read on to learn how we design customised solutions protocols for male and female hair loss, alopecia clients and scalp scarring. At SMP Noosa we design customised solutions and protocols for male and female hair loss, alopecia clients and those with scalp scarring. These solutions help our clients reclaim their confidence enabling them to live their lives to the fullest. SMP can be truly life changing.

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