Male Baldness

Micropigmentation is a form of a restorative tattoo. Here at SMP Noosa, we offer SMP, which is short for Scalp Micropigmentation, to help deal with male baldness. A typical male SMP client comes to us with hairline recession or thinning at the crown or in patches—generally the first signs of what will become more widespread hair loss. Based on an individualized treatment plan, the entire procedure will cover between 2 and 4 sessions, depending on the client’s goals and hair loss. At each session, your artist will tattoo individual hair follicles over the affected area. If the aim is a full head, then a hairline will be decided upon between the client and the artist that best complements the features. Every hair follicle is re-created to look completely authentic. When the entire procedure is complete, the finished look is that of a very close buzz cut or shaved head. Recession is hidden; all absence of hair on the scalp is disguised with realistic follicles. The transformation is outstanding, and the look is stylish and fuss-free.

WHY SCalp micropigmentation

There are many products for hair loss treatment for men that claim to be effective but never give a satisfactory or permanent result. They can conceal the thinning hair for a period of time, but it’s inconvenient to maintain them. That’s why you need Scalp Micropigmentation for men by SMP Noosa, home of your trusted Scalp Micropigmentation technician in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. According to an article, hair loss is a common medical condition that may cause discomfort and distress to an individual. But this particular problem only starts to become noticeable after the patient loses 50% or more of his scalp hair. While male pattern baldness is standard, other underlying reasons result in hair loss, such as psoriasis, nutritional deficiency, low iron, etc. Scalp micropigmentation helps restore thinning hairs, receding hairlines, and scarring scalp by creating an illusion of a thick and healthy scalp. It can create camouflage and resemble a buzz cut, especially for men with a more severe hair loss problem.

Why Choose SMP Noosa?

SMP Noosa brings you a non-invasive, safe, and nonsurgical procedure that lasts and is created over 2 to 4 sessions averaging around 3 to 4 hours each, depending on your needs. To achieve desirable results, undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation for 2 to 4 sessions is advised. We always conduct a consultation with our clients before the procedure so to achieve a safe and successful SMP session, our expert will assess and discuss conditions, risks, and other essential information. Some men suffer from a medical condition, such as alopecia but with Scalp Micropigmentation for men, SMP Noosa’s certified technician will implant micro dots of pigment on the scalp using detailed micro-needles to imitate hair follicles, resulting in a fuller and thicker-looking hair enabling these men to rock their shaved heads. Skip the hassle of buying products for hair loss treatment for men and save more time and money with SMP Noosa. Feel rejuvenated and gain more confidence with our long-lasting remedy treatment done by a professional artist using high-quality equipment. So, when it comes to Scalp Micropigmentation for men around Sunshine Coast in Queensland, SMP Noosa is the one to call. Book a consultation by calling 0468 880 767 or using our contact page today!

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